Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dots, Squares, Astrix

So today is what some refer to as a Dotty day, I'm going to use Astrix.

*Back to school is great. Kids are on a schedule, and my daycare days aren't so crazy. However I miss my kids and sometimes wonder if I am selling myself short continuing daycare.

*While some think the money in daycare is amazing, I am here to say they are wrong. Sure you make money, but at a huge cost. Furniture never stays nice, I am tied to my house from the hours of 8:15-5:15. I am a mommy to about 7 kids a day. And that isn't including my own. I usually have to miss my kids' parties at school, field trips, and my doctor appointments are a pain to schedule.

*While I complain about daycare, and fantasize about getting all dressed up and going into a nice office, where I get a lunch break, can get off early for doctor appointments, or take a sick day to spend the day with my kids. Daycare isn't so bad. Unless of course you just read my last sentence.

*I have been a very good girl about staying in my budget this month. Granted its only the 6Th, but hey, I gotta start somewhere.

*I'm jonesing for a new bedroom set, and hubby was offered a nearly new trailer for a great deal. However these are not in the budget! I must repeat that phrase at least 20 times a day.

*William is loving school. Loves his teachers, the toys, the lunches. But he keeps having accidents. The first day he did amazing. No accidents, no timeouts. Perfect. However every day since then he has had an accident. And in the case of Tuesday, two accidents. No at least he only goes two days a week, because the laundry for this kid is killing me.

*I am going to a wedding tomorrow. Great! I love weddings! But, I don't have time to get my toes done, find shoes, figure out what to do with my hair, or buy the present. That means tonight I am going to be running all over town, after I get off work, make dinner, and take Julia to Piano. YAY!

*Oh and I also received a load of guilt this morning from Julia, because we can't start Tap lessons until next week, because mommy has a wedding to go to. "You always go to weddings!" Mind you this is the second of the summer. And thankfully the last until March.

*Have a great weekend, since I probably won't have time to stop in tomorrow, if I do however I will promise a shuffle. In fact, that might be all you get.

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