Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

I will let the picture do the talking!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Uniquely Yours?


I tend to like things that are different. Not ugly, although some of my friends would call it ugly. But....different. I don't want to walk into someones house and see something of "mine" there. That is why it takes me forever to find just the right piece of furniture. And then I will not part with it.

My favorite piece of furniture is my bed. I had been looking for a bed for literally years. Obviously we had a mattress and box springs, but we didn't have a head or foot board. And I wasn't willing to just go to the store and buy one. It had to be something pretty yet masculine, newer but not so new I would cry if it got a scratch.

And so the great Craigslist search ensued. And for months, years I looked. And looked, and looked. Until finally my dream came true. A CalKing (which make it harder to find btw) was posted. And I had to hurry! I emailed the guy, drove 45 minutes to his house and feel in love. It cost me $300 but it was the best money on furniture I could have spent. Its beautiful. And I have never seen anything like it, which makes it the real winner.