Thursday, April 19, 2007

The interview

These are a few questions that
has asked me in order to learn more about me.

1. How did you become a hockey fan? Is it a more recent passion or have you always followed the sport?

I have been a hockey fan since 1995 or so . There is just something great about the sport that I feel in love with. It is one of those great sports that I can watch on TV or in person, or listen to on the radio and still love it.

2. You became a mom at a relatively young age. Do you think it turned out to be an advantage for you or a disadvantage or in the long run did your age not make much of a difference?

I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant with Julia, and 18 when she was born. It was hard. I wasn't out of school yet, I wasn't married, and I was only a supervisor at a deli. I was so scared. But everything feel into place. Brian and I got married, we moved in together and lived happily ever after. OK maybe not so sweet and simple, but we did make it, and I don't regret a single minute of it. I don't know if age had much to do with it. I mean I did what had to be done.

3. I know you love all three of your kids but are there times when you feel closer to one or another child, perhaps due to a special circumstance at the time?

Each one of the kids has something special that brings them close. Julia was my first, and she is just like me. Same little attitude, yet very sensitive. Having her so young, made me grow up. She is also my hockey buddy. She is a huge fan, and I take her to every game that is on a weekend. She has her own jersey and everything.

Victoria was my planned baby. And also a miracle. I lost a baby before her, and then while I was pregnant with her I formed an antibody against her blood. I have O- blood, and for some reason, my blood cells think the babies blood is and infection, and tries to kill the blood cells. So making it through the pregnancy with her was difficult. She is my girly girly. Loves dress up, babies, all that stuff.

William was also a miracle baby. He was also a surprise. At 12 weeks I hemorrhaged for 3 days. The doctors did an ultrasound on the first day of hemorrhaging and informed me my body was trying to abort him, and they didn't think I would make it past the weekend. Well Monday morning he was still alive and kicking. Then I got placenta previa, which thankfully corrected itself before he was born. But I had to have an emergency c-section anyways. He is my little man. So sweet, so loving and yet all boy. He is so attached to me at this age, that I just feel so special.

4. California's your home but if you were going to move to another state, which would you prefer to move to? And what foreign country would you want to move to if you had to?

I haven't really spent time in to many states so that is a tough choice. But where ever I moved I
would have to live close to the ocean with beautiful beaches. And foreign country? France. My ancestors were from there and I would love to learn about their hometown and culture.

5. You've got a talent for quilting. Is there a part of quilt making that you like best or feel is your strongest talent? What part do you like least?

I love making quilts, but I am fairly new at it, so I don't know a lot of different types. I do love picking patterns and challenging myself. I love things that are different. I try to put a spin on things, I'm don't really want to see the same kind of quilt I just made at someones house. The part I like the least is the cutting. You have to be very precise and sometimes cutting all the fabric can take hours, and that is just so time consuming!