Thursday, September 27, 2007

Regrets in Life

I am the treasurer at my kids' school. Well not of the school, but the PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship) So that means I like money, and I like organization. The two go hand in hand really, for accounting. (To bad I can't apply my organization skills to my house.) Anyways, loving my mini job at the school, got me thinking about a career. True I have a career now, watching kids, and keeping books of my own business is no easy task. But what about when my kids are in school, and I want to pursue a future in the working world?

Well as most of you know, I got pregnant in high school. My senior year, and got married that summer. So I didn't go to college. Didn't pursue any kind of accounting courses, or anything that would help me in my future. That is probably the only thing I regret. Can I really call it a regret though? I didn't go to college, but I married a great man, was able to stay home with my beautiful baby, and make a living while spending time with my family. So regret? No. Bad planning? Possibly.

I'm contemplating returning to school though. William, my youngest is three. He is in preschool two days a week, next year, three days a week, and then the following year, Kindergarten. Which means, that unless I have another child, I will be quiting daycare. Which also means, I better find some other way of making money. And unless I finish my book, which I have yet to start, I don't see me being able to stay home and live the leisurely life.

I am picky though. I don't want to attend night school. I sure as hell can't attend day school. So I'm trying to find courses online, that will teach me skills, and also look good on a resume. Are my standards to high? Am I setting myself up for a big let down because online courses are not available? I certainly hope not. While I don't need a degree to make me feel like a whole person. It would be nice to have one in case I ever needed it.

Because I am only 27, and I will eventually have all of my kids in school. I will need to find a way to make money. Even if it is just a little.

So regrets? Nah, but a better plan for the future.

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Daisy said...

Go for it! Look for a program that will teach you the skills you need and fit with your family's needs. It may take you a while to find such a good fit, but it'll be worth it. I did it with grad school a few years ago, and I'm so glad I did.