Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It finally happened

My husband and I went to a hockey game on Monday night with a dear friend of my husbands . Now you all know I am a huge hockey fan. Not just any hockey team though. My boys, The San Jose Sharks. They hold the key to my heart!

Ok so we get to the game, have good seats, enjoying the game. They are actually winning. Then they are losing. THats ok though, I am at the game. And I refuse to believe I am bad luck, even though I have never been to a winning game.

Ok so second period ends and we are down by 3. This is starting to suck a little. But my boys play their best in the third period. So I am not to worried.

So my hubby and I go to the bathroom, our friend goes to talk to some of his other friends who happend to be at the game also.

Well we come back from the bathroom. Wheres Andy? Not sure, so we sit and wait.

And the third period is about to start. Then comes Andy. "COme on guys" he says. So we follow. And guess where he is taking us?

C'mon guess? Okay give up?

He took us to sit with his friends, who have season tickets right behind the sharks' bench. Three rows back. We can smell the sweat, feel the ice. It was amazing.

And I start to have an anxiety attack. I am not kidding. I can't breath, my heart was beating out of my chest, I am as red as red gets, and my boys haven't even come out of the locker room!

Then it happens. They walk out. The are 10 feet away from me. My breathing gets worse, my face gets redder. I was so excited, my knees were actually numb.

Then one looked at me. We made eye contact. I am not kidding. It was one of my favorite players. It was really brief, and it wasn't an "I love you" look. But it was amazing.

Then they start to score. They score twice in 5 minutes! I am totally pumped, yelling, clapping, everything.

Well, it comes down to the final minutes, and they lose. But it was the greatest game ever! I will never be able to beat that. Even if I go to a winning game!

Ok my story was good, but this guy, Andy, his rendition is much better. So enjoy! Andrew's Story