Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ok tonight. 6:40pm. Where will I be? Hopefully at the gym doing a kickboxing class! My sister is getting married in 3 months and I am her maid of honor. And I have put on a few pounds. So off to kickboxing I will go. Sounds easy right? And it really is. Get in the car, drive, walk to class, do kickboxing. Done.

Not so fast. Can someone please tell my why classrooms at the gym are like fishbowls? I mean seriously! Do you really wanna watch people do classes, being totally sweaty, and if you are watching me, trying to follow the steps without falling down?

It isn't fun to watch. And yet people do! They stand at the glass and they look. Just like you are at the aquarium. "Oh look at that fish in the purple! How graceful" "Whoops look at the blue fish he just ran into another fish" C'mon people there must be something better to do than stand there and give people complexes!

This is why I have a hard time going to kickboxing. I hate to be watched. HATE IT. And maybe you aren't looking at me. But If you are standing at the glass looking in the room I feel like you are starring at me.

So if you have any compassion. The next time you are at the gym. And you happen across one of these fishbowls. With people inside trying desperately to keep up. Just walk away. I would appreciate it!