Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too Much Time

Last night I'm laying in bed. Its around 12:30am. And my mind won't shut off. What am I thinking you ask? Well it should be really important things. Like where my daughter will go for Junior High, or will California make it through the mess of a budget we have. How about will the economy survive?

Nope, I'm laying there thinking I haven't blogged in a few days and I have nothing worthy to blog about. And as I lay there thinking I have nothing worthy to write about my mind finally drifts to sleep.

So here you go people. A very boring post.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two years in the making

My son, William is going to be 5 on April 20th. For two years I have been working on a pirate quilt for him. His sisters each have one, and he wants his own. This weekend I went on a quilt retreat with my Mother-in-laws store, Prairie Queens Quilt Shop. We had a great time and I actually got a bunch done!

My goal is to finish it by his birthday this year, which means I really need to get on it!

Part of the reason it is taking my so long, I decided to do a compass as the center of the quilt. A compass that requires paper piecing. Which I have never done before. And I like my points to match, which is a big deal in this type of quilt.

The borders aren't done yet. And the top needs some work, I don't want such a big space between the borders and the compass. But anyways, this is my way of encouraging myself to finish this quilt. I will update regularly.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The big 10

My oldest Julia is now 10 years old. Double digits people. She was having a very hard time with this. Apparently when you hit double digits you are old! I tried to convince her that getting older was great, but she didn't believe me. But I was able to give her a killer birthday instead.

It started Saturday morning. She has wanted to do horseback riding lessons for the longest time, and has been on the waiting list since September. On Friday I decided to call and see if any Saturdays had open, and to my surprise one had, it is started on the 17th, which is her actual birthday. So that morning when she woke up I told her about her new lessons and she flipped! Over the moon happy. She was able to ride the horse for a full hour, and has at least 7 more classes.

Then after the lessons the family went to lunch at The Olive Garden. Julia got to pick and it is her favorite place to eat.

We came home and rested for a bit, then had to get ready for a Shark game. We had gotten four tickets, so we took our two girls, and William stayed home with grandma and papa. Julia is a huge Shark fan, but the biggest surprise......We paid to get a birthday message on the scoreboard for her, and a visit from Sharkie! The teams mascot. He came up to our seats and gave her a gift bag, and opened the gifts with her, for a good five minutes during the game. It was amazing, and the best $45 I have spend in a long time. Julia told me it was the best day of her life.

So Happy Birthday my big 10 year old. I love you so very much!