Friday, September 28, 2007

New Projects

I'm a quilter. Yup you heard me. I sit at my sewing machine in my dining room and I make quilts. Forget 27 going on 35, its more like 75! But thats ok. I love it. I'm not the greatest at it, but it is great for gift giving, and people actually appreciate them. I'm hoping one day they will be passed down through my children as heirlooms to their children etc.

So anyways, I just finished the top of a quilt for my stepsister. Its her Christmas present, and a total suprise to her

The pattern is by Diane Weber called Day Z SplitZ. I tweaked it a little, and frankly didn't care for her directions, but I loved the outcome.

So now I just have to get it quilted, because I don't do that part, I just don't know how to machine quilt a top. Hey! That makes me closer to 70 than 75!

Anyways, lets do a shuffle because it is Friday!

1. I'm not the One -The Cars
2.Otherside- Red Hot Chile Peppers
3.Love Stoned- Justin Timberlake
4.Life In Mono- Mono
5.Guantanamera- Wyclef
6.How Can I Stop- The Rolling Stones
7.Saint Of Me- The Rolling Stones
8. What I Got-Sublime
9.You Don't Have To Mean It- Rolling Stones
10. Let's Face It- Mighty Mighty Bossetones.

Looks like the day of the Stones. Or I need to add more music.

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Dixie said...

I looooove Mighty Mighty Bosstones!

You know I think that quilt is gorgeous. And you know I think quiliting gets a bad rap like knitting does. Everyone things only old ladies or crazy cat ladies knit or do quilting but it's actually very cool and hip to do fiber arts like quilting and knitting and crocheting.

I am always in such awe over your gorgeous quilts. I think you have an amazing knack for it.