Friday, September 28, 2007

New Projects

I'm a quilter. Yup you heard me. I sit at my sewing machine in my dining room and I make quilts. Forget 27 going on 35, its more like 75! But thats ok. I love it. I'm not the greatest at it, but it is great for gift giving, and people actually appreciate them. I'm hoping one day they will be passed down through my children as heirlooms to their children etc.

So anyways, I just finished the top of a quilt for my stepsister. Its her Christmas present, and a total suprise to her

The pattern is by Diane Weber called Day Z SplitZ. I tweaked it a little, and frankly didn't care for her directions, but I loved the outcome.

So now I just have to get it quilted, because I don't do that part, I just don't know how to machine quilt a top. Hey! That makes me closer to 70 than 75!

Anyways, lets do a shuffle because it is Friday!

1. I'm not the One -The Cars
2.Otherside- Red Hot Chile Peppers
3.Love Stoned- Justin Timberlake
4.Life In Mono- Mono
5.Guantanamera- Wyclef
6.How Can I Stop- The Rolling Stones
7.Saint Of Me- The Rolling Stones
8. What I Got-Sublime
9.You Don't Have To Mean It- Rolling Stones
10. Let's Face It- Mighty Mighty Bossetones.

Looks like the day of the Stones. Or I need to add more music.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Regrets in Life

I am the treasurer at my kids' school. Well not of the school, but the PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship) So that means I like money, and I like organization. The two go hand in hand really, for accounting. (To bad I can't apply my organization skills to my house.) Anyways, loving my mini job at the school, got me thinking about a career. True I have a career now, watching kids, and keeping books of my own business is no easy task. But what about when my kids are in school, and I want to pursue a future in the working world?

Well as most of you know, I got pregnant in high school. My senior year, and got married that summer. So I didn't go to college. Didn't pursue any kind of accounting courses, or anything that would help me in my future. That is probably the only thing I regret. Can I really call it a regret though? I didn't go to college, but I married a great man, was able to stay home with my beautiful baby, and make a living while spending time with my family. So regret? No. Bad planning? Possibly.

I'm contemplating returning to school though. William, my youngest is three. He is in preschool two days a week, next year, three days a week, and then the following year, Kindergarten. Which means, that unless I have another child, I will be quiting daycare. Which also means, I better find some other way of making money. And unless I finish my book, which I have yet to start, I don't see me being able to stay home and live the leisurely life.

I am picky though. I don't want to attend night school. I sure as hell can't attend day school. So I'm trying to find courses online, that will teach me skills, and also look good on a resume. Are my standards to high? Am I setting myself up for a big let down because online courses are not available? I certainly hope not. While I don't need a degree to make me feel like a whole person. It would be nice to have one in case I ever needed it.

Because I am only 27, and I will eventually have all of my kids in school. I will need to find a way to make money. Even if it is just a little.

So regrets? Nah, but a better plan for the future.

Monday, September 24, 2007

27 going on 35

Today is my birthday and I am 27 years young. However when I look at where I am in my life, and where other 27 year old people are I feel like I am 35.

Take for instance the fact that I have three kids. Not a big deal right? Well when you consider the fact that my oldest will be 9 in January, then that makes a little difference. Not to mention that out of all of my friends, aside from my brother and sister-in-law, we are the only ones with kids. In fact most of my friends got married this past year.

Another fact. I have been married for 9 years this past August, and my husband and I have been a couple for 12 years this coming October. Now that means I have been in the same relationship since I was 15! Not that it matters to me. I couldn't be happier with my life, its just a long time when you look at how young I was.

But you know what? Its OK. I don't mind that I can relate to people who are 35 year old. I can still relate to 20 somethings, 40 somethings. I actually don't have an age group that I feel I can relate more to than others. Or a people group for that matter.

Sure I'm a mom, but obviously I can get along with women who aren't. And I do daycare, but that doesn't mean I don't know anything about the corporate world. I'm on the PTF board at my kids' school, but does that mean I can't relate to the woman who hates the functions? Nope.

So I guess while today is my birthday, and I'm getting closer to the 30 something world, I really don't see it affecting me much. Age truly is a number. It doesn't define us, well at least it doesn't define me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good-Bye Bill

Yesterday, September 16, 2007, the world lost a wonderful father, husband, brother, uncle, grandfather, and great grandfather.

Bill died in his home surrounded by his sons, daughter-in-law, and wife of 30 years. He lost his battle with cancer.

He was a truly great person. I never heard him raise his voice. He loved his family and would do anything for them.

Papa, give Kristen a hug for me in Heaven. Look after us, and help us help Nana, she is lost without you.

We love you so.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bill Sadler May 2, 1931 - Sept. 16, 2007 Bill died at home surrounded by his family. Born in Perkins, OK., his family and his uncle's family moved to CA when he was 5 yrs. old. Bill is survived by his 2 children; son Randy and his wife Georgia of SC; daughter Cindy Moffatt and her husband Jim of Mc Kenleyville. He is also survived by his wife Catherine and her 4 children: Mark (Debbie), Steven (Tammy) of Austin, TX., Jeff (Rita) and Theo. He leaves behind 3 sisters, Carol, Pat, and Debra; 9 grandchildren, Brian, Matt, Laura, Bryan, Haley, Travis, Jessica, Shannon and Joseph; also 5 great-grandchildren with another due in March. He shared many memories with his cousin Jack. Bill is preceded in death by his sisters, Mary Jo and June, his son Douglas and his granddaughter Kristin. He is retired from FMC where he still has many friends. He loved most of all to be around children. The family thanks Hospice of the Valley, especially Coleen for the special care she gave Bill. A Memorial Service for Bill will be held at Oak Hill Funeral Home in the Chapel of Roses at 10 a.m. on Thurs., Sept. 20th, 300 Curtner Ave., San Jose, CA. 95125.
Published in the San Jose Mercury News on 9/18/2007.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Remember a few weeks ago, when William began preschool and I wanted just a few tears? Well today, after three weeks I got them. And I broke my heart into a million pieces.

We did the normal routine, took his sisters for flag salute, prayer, walked Victoria to class, saw the turtles, walked William to class. And he was fine! We walked in and he wanted to run to the playground, I reminded him we had to sign in, no biggie.

Well just as I'm about to leave all hell breaks loose. He wants me to hold him, doesn't want me to stand up, wants me to kneel down and hug him. He was crying and saying "don't leave me, don't leave me!"

But I had to right! I mean I couldn't just bring him home! I did not want him to think every time he didn't want to stay at school he could throw a fit and come home.

So I leave, I give him one last kiss, big hug and tell him I love him very much. Well I get out the door and MY tears start falling! I wasn't expecting that. And no it isn't because I'm some tough mom who doesn't feel anything for her children, its just that this isn't the first time he has cried when I have left. In fact Friday we had a sitter and the same scene happened!

But I cried all the way to the car, then I waved to him one more time. I was heartbreaking.

I'm trying to figure out why the breakdown this morning. He got in trouble yesterday. He flooded the upstairs bathroom by flushing a roll of toilet paper down. Causing a huge mess, and having the ceiling almost cave in on the first floor. He was sent to his room for about 30 minutes.

This morning he got in a tiny amount of trouble. If you can call it that. Julia spilled water all over Williams clothes, and I told him to change his shirt, keep on the shorts. Well he comes down in different pants, and same shirt. So I took him back up the stairs, changed him quick, and heard him tell his sisters "mommy is so mad at me now."

So its possible that I'm the cause of the breakdown at school, which is making me feel even worse, which just goes to show that I deserved every little break in my heart this morning, and the ripple effect it caused with William is my fault, and I will probably pay for a long time.

Great. Bring on the Mother Of The Year award.

I'm going to go cry now.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dots, Squares, Astrix

So today is what some refer to as a Dotty day, I'm going to use Astrix.

*Back to school is great. Kids are on a schedule, and my daycare days aren't so crazy. However I miss my kids and sometimes wonder if I am selling myself short continuing daycare.

*While some think the money in daycare is amazing, I am here to say they are wrong. Sure you make money, but at a huge cost. Furniture never stays nice, I am tied to my house from the hours of 8:15-5:15. I am a mommy to about 7 kids a day. And that isn't including my own. I usually have to miss my kids' parties at school, field trips, and my doctor appointments are a pain to schedule.

*While I complain about daycare, and fantasize about getting all dressed up and going into a nice office, where I get a lunch break, can get off early for doctor appointments, or take a sick day to spend the day with my kids. Daycare isn't so bad. Unless of course you just read my last sentence.

*I have been a very good girl about staying in my budget this month. Granted its only the 6Th, but hey, I gotta start somewhere.

*I'm jonesing for a new bedroom set, and hubby was offered a nearly new trailer for a great deal. However these are not in the budget! I must repeat that phrase at least 20 times a day.

*William is loving school. Loves his teachers, the toys, the lunches. But he keeps having accidents. The first day he did amazing. No accidents, no timeouts. Perfect. However every day since then he has had an accident. And in the case of Tuesday, two accidents. No at least he only goes two days a week, because the laundry for this kid is killing me.

*I am going to a wedding tomorrow. Great! I love weddings! But, I don't have time to get my toes done, find shoes, figure out what to do with my hair, or buy the present. That means tonight I am going to be running all over town, after I get off work, make dinner, and take Julia to Piano. YAY!

*Oh and I also received a load of guilt this morning from Julia, because we can't start Tap lessons until next week, because mommy has a wedding to go to. "You always go to weddings!" Mind you this is the second of the summer. And thankfully the last until March.

*Have a great weekend, since I probably won't have time to stop in tomorrow, if I do however I will promise a shuffle. In fact, that might be all you get.