Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love Stinks

Love stinks and the economy sucks.

Ok love doesn't really stink, but I needed an intro.

The economy on the other hand, does suck. Its squeezing the life out of me and my family.

The last four weeks I have sat in front of my computer looking at job after job. I have even sent in my resume to a few. But I have to admit I'm not trying to hard. Why? Well because the amount of money I would have to make to put my kids into daycare and bring home the bacon is insane. Currently I'm a little spoiled. I work from home doing daycare. So I don't have to pay anyone. If one of my kids is sick I'm not missing work, I get paid time off, summer time I don't have to scramble for a sitter.

But daycare isn't paying the bills. Let me say that I don't charge what normal people do. I charge about half. Which is my fault. But I haven't raised my rates in 10 years and now I'm afraid to. I have no idea how to go about increasing rates of my current clients. And there have been no new families knocking down my door lately.

But everytime I send out that resume. Everytime I call for that interview I think about the money. I really don't know how people do it.

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jwg said...

Raise your fees. Do it slowly, but raise them. You are undervaluing your services and those of your fellow providers.