Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I thought we learned to share in preschool

But apparently I missed that day. Hey I didn't even go to preschool! That could explain a lot....

Anyways! I hate sharing certain things. I hate sharing my nice shoes, my expensive dresses, jewelry and purses. Not even with family. I'm mean. Mean I tell you!

I am your typical bargain shopper. I usually purchase my clothes at Target. Buy backpacks from Old Navy and my shoes I keep forever. I never spend $100 on jeans (excpet that one time) and I never buy $70 t-shirts.

The one thing I do splurge on dresses. Ok two things, shoes. When I need a dress for a wedding, or a nice occasion I will usually spend $150-$200. Still not a ton of money! But a lot of money to me. And shoes.....I will buy Payless if I can find the right ones, but usually I buy Macys. So average $60-$100 for shoes. Again not a lot of money.

But they are mine. And they are my fancy clothes! And I don't wanna share! (jumping up and down like a two year old)

I have certain family memebers who don't always take care of their things. Or other peoples things for that matter. It isn't on purpose of course, they just aren't as careful as I would be. And I got a call this morning asking if I had any fancy dresses. If one could be borrowed. Do you know what I did?

I lied. I lied and said I didn't have any! Another preschool lesson I could have used. Thanks mom and dad.

I lied because I didn't want to share. I lied because this person who wanted to borrow my clothes isn't the same size as me. And I lied because the dresses are my favorite and are no longer made and I can't replace them.

But I feel bad. I feel bad that I lied. And I feel bad that I didn't even give her the option to try the clothes on to see if they would fit. And I feel bad that I am considering hiding them when she comes over tomorrow.

Maybe someday I will grow up. Maybe someday I will share. Maybe someday I will learn not to lie. Or maybe I should just be glad I sent my kids to preschool.

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