Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm rocking the Dots

*Job interview today. It went really great, but I'm afraid they gave me too many options for me to make a decision.

*William doesn't sleep you all know that. But now there might be an actual reason. He is seeing a specialist this coming Friday for possible tonsil and adnoids removal. I don't want him to have surgery but if we can sleep I'll be happy.

*My dogs are filthy and smelly, but I don't feel like dragging a 90 pound dog who is afraid of the water into the shower.

*Starting in one week, I won't be home any nights except Sunday. Between dance, piano, youth group, softball, choir, working out and working at the quilt store, I'll never be home.

*I wish I had more time for quilting.

*I wish I had more money for quilting.

Ah well, lets shuffle

1.You Rock My World- Micheal Jackson
2.Highway Man- Kanye West
3.Stop and Stare- OneRepublic
4.Billie Jean- Micheal Jackson
5.Everlong- Foo Fighters
6.Apologize- Timberland
7.LoveStoned- Justin Timberlake
8.Hotel California- The Eagles
9.I'll Be Waiting- Lenny Kravitz
10.No One- Alicia Keys

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