Thursday, November 15, 2007

Being different is good....Right?

I like to be different. Well kinda. I love owning things that nobody has, antique things, rare things, but not abnormal things.

In my house, I like to buy furniture that is very unlikely to be seen in anyones house. Same with my jewelry, purses, shoes, dresses, but that stops when it comes to my casual clothes.

That is weird to me.

I don't like to be to out of the norm when it comes to walking in the mall, or grocery shopping, or even walking the dog. I like to blend in, in those situations. I can't stand the thought of sticking out. Blend. Its all about blending and not being noticed. Which makes no sense since I love being the center of attention. I know, I'm a freak, and I'm OK with that.

The whole reason I started thinking of this topic was because Kyle Mclaren. He is my favorite hockey player, on my favorite home team, The San Jose Sharks.

Kyle is famous for his hip checks, fighting, and his signature yellow visor on his hockey helmet. Now if you aren't a hockey fan, you might be wondering what I am talking about. Similar to football players, hockey players wear helmets. Some have visors to protect their eyes, and the ones who do have visors, have clear visors.

But not Kyle. His is a beautiful yellow. He said he wears it because it helps him see better. I personally don't care why he wears it, but I always loved that he did, because it made him stand out. He was different. The only player in the NHL to wear a colored visor. My hero! He stands out, and doesn't care.

Well all that changed last week. He decided to go with a clear visor to try a different look he says. What?! He wants to conform and blend in? Oh the horror! How sad! Wait.....isn't that what I do? Huh, interesting. At first I was disappointed. I mean, it seemed like a really bold move, something that he has done for so long, why change it now? Then I got to thinking, why is he any different than me?

Just because he is used to playing in front of thousands of people, giving live TV interviews, being adored by fans, does that mean he is exempt from wanting to blend? Actually it probably makes the urge to blend in even stronger. I can only imagine the normalcy these players must crave. You never know when a crazed fan will track you down in Target and ask you to sign their shirt (on the back) and then ask for a picture, and respectfully shake your hand.

Anyways, good for you Kyle. I hope you find the normalcy you seek.

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