Saturday, November 19, 2005

Shoes, Hockey and housecleaning

Seems like I always post about depressing stuff. Yeah, you know all five of my posts? LOL! So I am going to write about my boring Saturday. Well boring so far. So far I went to Mervyns. I desperately needed some shoes. I only own flip flops, I guess living in California I can get away with it. But I needed some tennis shoes. Is that what they are even called? I think so, well ok maybe I will be more specific, I needed shoes with laces that cover my toes. Ok that might make more sense. So anyways found some of the awful devices made to restrict my painted toes and cause them to sweat! Why would I do this to my toes? Well tonight I am going to my first hockey game of the season! GO SHARKS! And I really didn't want to step on sticky stuff, or have someone step on my poor defenseless toes. So in comes the shoes.

Ok back to the day. After the store went to Burger King and indulged on a huge burger that I didn't need but it was worth it. Then I came home and cleaned my house.

So that concludes my Saturday up to this point. Now tonight I am going to a hockey game. My favorite sport of all time. And I will hopefully see my favorite team actually win. I have been to there games before, heck I have been to many different sports games. But I have yet to see my team win. Any team I am routing for loses. So I am a little nervous about going tonight. Maybe I am bad luck. Hopefully I am not, since I would really like to see them win. Ok so that is it. Hopefully I will get back to updating this, since I do get bummed when my fellow bloggers stop blogging!

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