Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well Crap

Ok, so my Sharks? You know the ones whose game I was sooo happy to go to? Well, they are sucking. Plain and simple. My man Nabby, isn't making me happy. Now some of you are saying, "C'mon Tiff, it is only hockey". Well to you, I say &#^##(#&! No not really, but seriously! I didn't wait a whole year of negotiations to watch my team fail miserably!

The last game I went to was an awesome game. I will give them that. I got to see Ricci, my favorite player who was traded. They did a tribute to him, and he got an ovation. It was awesome! Ok then I also got to see Wayne Gretzky. Or "The Great One" and that was pretty cool. I also got to see a fight, and the game went into double overtime. Ok ok, so not a horrible game, but they still lost.

I was starting to think it was me. Since I have never been to a sports event where my team has won. But they are doing so horrible that it can't possibly be me.

Oh well, they will have a chance to redeem themselves tomorrow. Lets see if they can pull out a win. And just for the record, I still love the Sharks, even if they suck, and I am not jumping on any bandwagons. This girl will go down with her team!

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