Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Much More from BlogHer

Everyday I come onto my blog, think of something to write, forget what I was going to write and instead checkout the 4 blogs of the day. It is through these 4 blogs of the day that I get some excellent reading. Some are fun for the day, some I bookmark and check back regularly. A few are funny, sometimes too serious, other times heartbreaking.

In the past few days I have read about two precious babies who were taken from their loving mothers and fathers. Thalon Bruce Myers and Maddie Spohr. I don't know these families personally, and I can't feel their pain, but my heart breaks. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through and will endure.

I can't do much for them. Donate to help with costs, donate to their charities. But I can pray for them. I can think of them and lift them up. And if I hadn't taken the time to explore the blogs of the day I would have never known. And some might say that wouldn't be so bad because I wouldn't know of the pain, but I say it would have been terrible, because while my prayers may not be known about, they can't hurt. Hopefully in the dark of the night, or the quiet of the day, my prayer might reach them and they can feel a small hug, a small thought that someone, somewhere cares enough to try and help them, the only way they know how.

To the parents of Maddie and Thalon I am praying for you.

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Zip n Tizzy said...

And I found you through the blog of the day!

The internet is an amazing thing, and I think it is really bringing people together in ways never before possible.