Thursday, April 02, 2009

How did this happen?

I'm 28. Almost 29. Married, mother of three. Treasurer of our school PTF. So how did it happen that I fall in lust with Robert Pattinson? I think its getting to the creepy stage, the little bit obsessed stage. But dammit he is cute! I have now watched Twilight 2 times since Friday. This might not seem like a lot. But for me, someone who hasn't seen 90% of the movies out there, this is huge. I even convinced my husband to watch it with me. I had a small crush on him prior to the movie. However he is just so loving and tender as Edward Cullen I can't help it. He is six years my junior though. So does that make me a creepy older woman? He does share a birthday with my husband. Coincidence? Ah well, obvioulsy I'm happily married and not planning on stalking Robert. But I can still swoon when I see him. Somethings you are never to old for.

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Susan said...

I think we should all have a freebie, mine would be George Clooney. I mean what are the chances? Though, if you really plotted and schemed and planned it could work right? My hub can have his way with Heather Locklear, if she ever just happens to stop by! I found you from Not Me Monday by the way