Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So far 2008 isn't that great

Its been roughly a month since I updated this thing, and to be honest I was just waiting for something fun and great to happen. But nothing that good has happened, so I will just regal you with what has happened this year.

Christmas was a huge bright spot. The kids were great, the food, the presents, it was all really good. It was very hectic because I hosted Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, a Fight Night, and then New Years Eve party. So I was really busy and spent most of my time cleaning but it was a lot of fun.

Brian and I went to Vegas the second week of January. It wasn't a bad trip. But it wasn't a great trip either. We flew in on a Thursday evening and got to ride in a limo. The first time ever for me, which was kinda cool. Then we met up with a few other couples who were meeting us there. Friday was spent gambling, and walking around, Saturday night was an amazing dinner at Tao. Then dancing at a club called Tabu. This is where things started to go wrong. One of the girls we went with came down with the flu, and was stuck in the hotel room for most of the trip, and while dancing at Tabu, my phone fell out of my purse, and someone decided they wanted to keep it. But I know have a new phone, so all is right in the world.

Other than that, not much has happened. At least nothing really worthy. I'm considering a job change in the fall, we are planning a cruise for our 10 year anniversary in August, and going to DisneyLand in February.

So lets hope 2008 gets more exciting.

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Am I doing okay? said...

OMG. Your life sounds great! Of course my favorite thing to do is play fantasy vacation (and since I don't ever seem to get to go on one unless you count my MIL's house - don't get me started.) I must not read or travel in the same circles as you - b/c 1) I read blogs about moms w/cancer or cheating husbands or infidelity AND 2) I get so, so, so excited when my little stories are featured on BlogHer (like ours are today) and I usually post many times a week. Pout! My grandma would tell you to count your blessings.