Monday, September 21, 2009

In which the camera breaks

I attended a wedding this weekend. The wedding of my once beloved cousin who is a few years older than me. Why once beloved? Well she is still loved, but I haven't seen her in about....5 years. Recently connected with her again on Facebook and was invited to the wedding.

I actually had a good time. I wasn't really expecting to. See my family is weird. They don't talk to me. Why? No idea. I was 15 when my mom moved to South Carolina and once she left they kind of slowly stopped calling my sister and I. So I honestly say I don't put much effort into the relationships. Maybe I'm just as bad as they are.

But I took my camera and got a few good shots. Then the thing breaks. Won't turn on at all. And I know its not the battery. So I'm in the market. Brian just wants to try a battery replacement, but I want new! Of course I probably won't once I look at the prices of new ;)

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