Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm a bit picky when it comes to lipstick and mascara. In the lipstick department, I am constantly on the look for the perfect shade, the right feel, the longlasting, non sticky.

In the mascara department I look for a perfect blend of black, that doesn't clump, and makes my lashes long and full.

For the lipstick, the perfect shade was found about three years ago. Almost at this exact time of year. My sister-in-law were shopping for her makeup for her wedding. We were at Macy's, at the Clinique counter. Now let me stop here, and say that I have never purchased anything from a counter at a department store. Unless it was clothes. I have a fear of paying high prices, hating it, and not wanting to return it. But anyways, so we are trying on stuff, and I actually found it. Uptown Nude, in All Day lipcolor. It was a perfect touch of looking like you have something on your lips, but not too obvious. Exactly what I like.

So I bought one. And there in lies the problem. It is widely known in my circle of friends, once I actually like something, it stops being made. And that is exactly what happened. So I held on to this perfect lipcolor for 2 years. Yes that might be too long, but it never got old and yucky, and I didn't use it all the time. I reserved it for those special times I wanted to look amazing.

Well in January of this year, I lost it. I was in Las Vegas, had it in my cute purse, and my purse opened and before I knew what happened my lipcolor, along with my new cell phone, fell out. Talk about ruining a night of dancing in a club. Initially I was very upset about the phone. (Still am, some little bastard had it and even tried to use it!) I never did get it back.

But the phone is replacable. Sure exepensive, but still doable. The lipcolor? Not so much. It wasn't even found on Ebay. I was crushed. But I never gave up hope.

Monday comes around, and I am doing my normal search, and I found it! There is was, on Ebay, for cheaper than the stores! I held my breath, it was a "buy it now" item. So I did, and waited on pins and needles for it to arrive.

It came yesterday. It was perfect. In the box, never used. I'm in love.

Now if I can find the perfect mascara, (and bra for that matter) my great search will be over.

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